Welcome! Wilkommen! Bienvenue!

I'm a designer / illustrator living and working in London.

With many years experience in the kids, youth and entertainment sectors I've created winning assets for some of the biggest names in character licensing.

With a chameleon-like ability to work in different styles I'm also able to keep one eye on the big picture and another on the tiny details, which is also pretty chameleon-like, I do however draw the line at catching flies with my tongue - unless the brief absolutely demands it.

Whether you are looking for a logo, packaging, line art, repeat print, placement print or a new product concept I have a track record of providing impressive results, on time and on budget.

Please come in, have a look around. The annoying intro animation comes pre-skipped; there is no automated slide show with a mind of its own; and, as an additional kindness, there's no music either.